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― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

macOS Big Sur

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My 2012 MacBook Air has hit the end of line for OS updates. It was left out of MacOS Big Sur compatibility. Over 7 years and still (quite) strong. The only issue is the cute 4GB RAM.

Macs compatible with macOS Big Sur:

  • 2015 and later MacBook
  • 2013 and later MacBook Air
  • Late 2013 and later MacBook Pro
  • 2014 and later iMac
  • 2017 and later iMac Pro
  • 2014 and later Mac mini
  • 2013 and later Mac Pro

Eh, on a side note, I’ve just upgraded my phone to iPhone 11, coming from iPhone 7 it’s a big upgrade (I’ve been using Nokia 7.1 for about 4 months along the way though). Couldn’t be happier with its performance, camera, and battery life!


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